Sales Team

Dennis Zhou

“We work for our clients, not for ourselves. When our clients succeed, we succeed.”
Dennis Zhou, a visionary, diligent, business entrepreneur, with deep understanding of what the Asian community wants and how to deliver it. He took the Sydney Realty Group from a start-up in 2000 to become one of the most successful property service groups in Chinatown. Now, Sydney realty Group has 2 major branches in Sydney to provide professional services in both rental & sales sector, and an international expansion to Indonesia and Shanghai.

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Mobile: 0410 316 668
Phone : (02) 9264 2599

Lisa Huo

Lisa Huo can only be described as a real estate agent with exceptional skills in shifting your property even amidst such crippling economic crisis. Lisa joined the SRG team in 2000, she was exposed to and dealt with the ups and downs of the property market, this is what sets her apart from other agents; her invaluable knowledge.

Combining this essential ingredient and SRG’s enduring philosophy “When our clients succeed, we succeed” Lisa continue to provide a level of service that is seldom seen in the property market.

Email :
Mobile: 0410 658 778
Phone : (02) 9264 2599


Kathy is a very important part of an exceptional sales team at Zetland. In the past, Kathy has achieved numerous sales in Victoria Park and Zetland area.
Kathy loves that real estate is a topic everyone wants to talk about. She believes it is a very exciting and challenging industry. She is always energetic, well organised and ready to help both her team & clients.
As an integral member of Dennis’s team, Kathy loves the team environment and sees her particular strength as her ability to build relationships. Kathy is a gifted listener and asks the questions which quickly establish what clients do and don’t want.
With a central ethos that states her desire to ‘provide you with the best possible service to obtain the best possible price’, you know that with Kathy, you’re in safe hands.

Email :
Mobile: 0413 528 519
Phone : (02) 9697 2455

William Bai

William Bai is very important part of an excellent sales team in Sydney Realty Group. With more than 6 years working experience in the real estate industry, he has achieved extraordinary performance which demonstrates his solid ability to help both his team and clients.

William holds the belief that the key to success in this industry is to position himself as loyal friends to customers by trying to consider their needs in the first place.

With a highly enthusiastic attitude, William is always passionate towards delivering the best service to his clients. As a catalyst to building up relationship, he has dedicated to nurturing trust with his clients which cements further communication platform for you as a client.

Email :
Mobile: 0424 099 881
Phone : (02) 9264 2599

Joanne Lo

Joanne Lo has been working in the real estate industry for nearly 10 years. She has solid work experience in the rental market as a property manager and she is enjoying a successful year as a sales consultant with Sydney Realty Group. Her experience suggests times and again that her job is not just about houses and apartments, it is much more about engaging with people, to understand their needs, to build up relationship and trust in the process in order to be successful in selling property.
Joanne has top class communication and negotiation skill. If a happy relationship with the client is essential, she believes honesty and sound advice are the keys to make such a relationship rewarding. Joanne can assure you that she will offer nothing less than superior standard of customer service to every prospective customer

Email :
Mobile: 0416 084 020
Phone : (02) 9264 2599

Nini Darmadji

Nini Darmadji is the real estate agent who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. She likes to be called as a Property Consultant rather than salesperson because she treat herself as an advisor, helper, counsellor and friend to the clients and customers.

‘I see myself as a problem solvers more than anything else and I do believe that everyone is in sales, no matter what you do. Your entire life is a continuous process of communicating, persuading and influencing other people’ the only question is ‘How good are you in these areas?’

Nini always does what she loves to do and dedicate herself to lifelong learning as a regular investment in self value and skills that virtually guarantee the success she desires. Her favourite affirmation is ‘I like myself and I love my work.’ What she also knows is the more you love your work, the more caring you will be. The more committed you are to your company and to your products and services, the more you will naturally and honestly care about your customers, the more concerned you will be about helping customers to make a good buying decision. It is essential to build high levels of trust and rapport as well as identify customer needs accurately and last but not least is always put people in the pipeline as your investment and most powerfully

Mobile: 0419 445 012
Phone : (02) 9264 2599

Office Manager

Ann Chan

Ann joined Sydney Realty Group in October 2006 as an Office Manager. Before that she already had 7 years of experience with another real estate company in a similar position.
Her daily responsibility at Sydney Realty Group includes providing support to the sales team and the property management team plus making sure the office is running smoothly. She is also in charge of property advertisement, design of marketing brochures and administration of client trust accounts. Ann is a passionate person and she is dedicated to her job no matter how big or small it is, she will put 100% effort to achieve satisfaction. She says “it is hard work but very rewarding”.
With her experience Ann is truly a valuable asset to Sydney Realty Group.

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Phone : (02) 9264 2599

Property Management Team

Yanke Zhou

As the property manager for the Sydney Realty Group office, Yanke is an invaluable resource to SRG with a wealth of experience in Property management and trust account.

Yanke’s energetic culture and sprite is what truly makes him a vital member of SRG property management team.
Phone:(02) 9264 2599

Rebecca Mu

Rebecca joined Sydney Realty Group in 2012. Before starting her new position as an Accounts Manager in 2018, she had been working as a Property Manager, providing professional service to both commercial and residential property owners and tenants.

She is friendly, reliable and attentive. With her abundant knowledge and experience in Property Management, Rebecca always takes delight in assisting clients to achieve their goals, and she puts her dedication into her work.

Rebecca enjoys working with supportive and passionate colleagues in Sydney Realty Group. She believes together they will provide the most satisfying service to all clients.

Phone : (02) 9264 2599